Full circle or a looping in time? The infinite wonders of life have have swung me back around to my old stomping grounds.

Hello Wolseley!

Hi, I'm Karen Gay

Creator of W.H.O.L.E.


My full circle story

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little bit about who I am and how I can facilitate your path back to well-being. Passionate about the mind-body-spirit connection, I have pursued training programs that recognized the unbreakable link between body, mind, and soul.

As far back as 1995 I completed a mind, body, spirit, fitness certification from pioneers in the industry. This was a time when very few leaders in the fitness industry promoted a holistic approach to wellness. Since then I have continued to explore the intricacies of the human experience and remain a student and teacher of holistic health.

My path took me to Asia where I taught physical education in top international schools in the world. I then went on to open my own holistic health practice in Hanoi, Vietnam, serving primarily the international expatriate community. My base in South East Asia was a gateway to luxury resorts where I have been fortunate enough to do visiting practitioner residencies.

I have now come full circle, and I'm back in the neighbourhood where I grew up - Wolseley. In fact I'm living one street over from the apartment block, now a park, that I lived in when I attended first grade at Laura Second Elementary School, also just one street over. I always knew I would return to Wolseley, and here I am, offering services in the community that helped shape who I am today.

Reach out and let me know how I may be of service.


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