Your body and your subconscious mind hold the  answers to your healing needs.

From a space of compassionate witnessing allow your healing potential to unfold.


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The Root

Go directly to the root cause of your ailment.


Move forward

Resolve past trauma and move forward in your life.



What would it mean to you to be able to release deep-seated emotional and physical pain?

Holographic Memory Resolution® is a client-based, body-centered, non-traumatizing approach which enables the “emotional reframing" of the feelings and perceptions trapped in the bodymind at moments of trauma or overwhelm.

HMR® employs a verbal tracking technique which helps access the moment of trauma encodement and the emotional frequencies that were missing and gently engages the nervous system to release the negative charge associated with the event.

Healing is your destiny

If you've read this far down this page there's a part of you that senses the healing potential available here.

This part of you knows it wants freedom from the struggles you're enduring. The status quo isn't an option any more.

I believe you've been guided here by your soul. It's time to clear the obstacles keeping you from your highest potential.

Stop and listen to your heart for a moment, the seat of your higher knowing.
If there's any sensation anywhere in your body that is telling you to
pursue this opportunity for healing it is
your innate knowing telling you you are in the right place.

YES! I know I need this level of healing.
From Karen:

If you are ready for a transformational shift in your life I am here to support you on that journey.


I need a transformational shift.
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What my clients say:


With Karen’s gentle accompaniment, she provides care, resonance and deep-rooted loving kindness just as it is supposed to be in a therapeutic setting. If you have the chance or are being nudged to go to Karen, go!

-Jeanne R.

Karen is probably the person whom awake me on this therapeutic process. She is so benevolent, with a huge knowledge of what she is talking about. She’ll never judge you, she’ll always find the right words to help you find the solution by yourself. I’m glad that I’ve met Karen on my journey. I definitely recommend her.

-Tristan K.

Thank you once again for this relieving session yesterday. It was really an amazing experience. It really helped me to reconnect and heal an old wound and I feel the relief in my body and emotions.

-Patric S.

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