The Resurrection As A Clue To Reincarnation

whole Apr 17, 2022

We humans, the Divine beings that we are, have come with a mission to bring peace and healing to the Earth. We have done so for thousands of years. We follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, our forefathers and foremothers, who before us came with the same intentions.

I was having a look at the meaning of the word, metaphysics, for another article I was writing and I was reminded that metaphysics, the foundation of my healing practice, is a branch of philosophy. A branch of philosophy that studies who we are, and why, we're here.

The existential question of the reason for our existence is one most of us have asked at some point in our lives. Based on our cultural and spiritual leanings we come to certain ideological conclusions about our origins and our raison d'être.

If I haven't already lost you, I invite you to consider the possibility, the likelihood, I would postulate, that those very forebearers may actually be former versions of yourself. What if we are them and they are us?

I was listening to an interview recently where the interviewee, at a very young age, acquired the skill of playing the violin without any formal training. Now, as an adult, she only considers the achievement to be the result of keen interest and desire. There was a passion that consumed her very being. For me, it is quite clear that this person had a former life as a violinist and that her affinity for the instrument was a consequence of cellular memory making its way to the conscious mind.

Reincarnation is a well-documented phenomenon that mysteriously stays out of mainstream awareness. There are reasons for this which are outside the scope of this article but imagine the amount of self-empowerment that would be gained if this truth was common knowledge?

Phrases such as, “you only live once,” “you only have one life to live,” and even, “you only die once,” would be struck from our vernacular because they would be seen for what they are, false. Although these slogans are meant to be inspiration for us to live our best lives, which most would agree is an admirable goal to strive for, the reality is this isn’t our first rodeo, as the saying goes. In other word, we’ve all lived multiple lives and the information about those lives lay deep within our subconscious mind, far from our conscious awareness. You can read my article about the deep subconscious here.

The awareness of our former lives is hidden from the conscious mind of most individuals. In general, humans lack the understanding of why we’re here on Earth, what we’re here to do, and where we go when we leave the physical body.

At Easter, followers of the Christian faith celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus reportedly spoke of his death and subsequent resurrection prior to the events taking place. Jesus knew he would rise again. So too, do we rise again, not in the immediate manner in which Jesus demonstrated, for I believe that was a teaching, a Divine clue. With the death of the physical body humans return to Creator. Upon our choosing, we reincarnate to once again live the life our soul intended us to live, to be the light that eradicates the darkness.

What if Jesus was showing us that death is not to be feared, that there is no real death, that we are eternal beings and every Easter we are reminded of this fact in the celebration of the resurrection of Christ?

When your next Birthday rolls around I invite you to ponder how many previous incarnations you may have had. Perhaps go a little further and wonder, could any of those incarnations be happening in parallel time. You may just end up down the rabbit hole with the Easter bunny!