Challenging the Current Wellness Paradigm

whole Dec 08, 2021

No Better Way

My healing work has evolved so much sin I started with Reiki 15 years ago and throughout my 10 years of seeing clients in my private practice.

With the professional development I acquired over the years and which I continue to pursue, I have come to a place that now challenges my relationship with the wellness paradigm the I had adopted. The current paradigm that prevails throughout society. The paradigm that says, if you do X, Y, and Z “correctly,” even in a holistic manner, and with the “right mindset,” you will eventually achieve a state of well-being. You will have done everything correctly and in turn thusly rewarded.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle certainly is a worthwhile endeavour, and the X+Y+Z=health model does work for many. However, if you and your soul signed on for some major healing this lifetime, then exhibiting all the right external actions will only get you so far if you are seeking genuine well=being.

The internal landscape is where the nitty-gritty action takes place. It is where the heroic healing battles are fought and won. How one navigates or circumvents their inner journey determines how well they shoulder their karmic responsibilities. For it is our karma that is the driving force behind our healing needs.

This is not our first, nor last time in a human incarnation. There is plenty of evidence for reincarnation. Each time we incarnate we incur battle wounds. Those wounds stay with us across lifetimes until they are healed. They run deep, they are sharp, and they are as raw as the moment they were inflicted.

 What is often described as “inner child” wounds or childhood trauma, can actually be traced further back to trauma experienced by our former selves.

Did I mention challenging current paradigms regarding health and well-being?

Over the years of my holistic health practice, I had the occasional client report having a past life experience during the session. The healing that took place was for a past life wound that was having negative repercussions, typically physical, in the present life. Identifying the root cause of the physical disharmony allowed for effective healing.

*Note: Past lives are really parallel lives – more challenging paradigms.


My work now with my colleague who channels is all about healing former self wounds that are negatively impacting the client’s present state of well-being. The trauma in most cases is severe, which is why the client struggles with their health and why the healing is needed.

We all need healing. The healing need is great, the backlog is enormous but if one chips at healing past wounds, they find that the quality of their present life is improved.

This is where I personally find myself at the moment, chipping away. As one of my clients said, “I can’t think of any better way to spend my money.”

By enlisting the help of the deep subconscious to get to the root cause of a person’s current life issue(s), one’s healing potential increases exponentially. This approach to healing is only offered by a few practitioners, four sets of practitioners, worldwide as of the time of writing. Don’t wait till we become too busy and the wait time for a session becomes long. Shift your paradigm, resolve past trauma, enhance your quality of life. Sessions are done remotely. Book a session for you or a loved one.

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