Wisdom From My Clients

Sep 02, 2020

Highest Healing

"I'm here for my highest healing." Wow, what a statement! My client made this pronouncement with yearning and conviction.

Many people are afraid of what may surface in a healing session. The brave ones know it's the the only way forward. Shining a light on our shadows diminishes the power they have over us. We become our own light bearers bringing peace and healing.

I am the compassionate witness who is humbled by my role to safe guard the space to bring in Love and to facilitate the healing.

I am often impressed at the strength and resolve my clients display, leading by example how I can face my own healing.

We are all on a healing journey. We accompany each other, sometimes side by side, and sometimes taking the lead in turns, our unified conviction guiding us to the healing that is deeply needed. 



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