Becoming W.H.O.L.E.

whole Mar 10, 2022

An Extra-Special Spring Re-birthing

This year’s Spring rebirthing energies are particularly symbolic for me personally and professionally. This past year marked a pivotal moment in my life, a sort of initiation test of life and spiritual faith. As I write these words I feel as though I’ve emerged from an existential wandering through the alleyways of the body, mind, and soul. At times I would start out on a singular path only to end up at the intersection of all three. I am still navigating these pathways. I believe we all are in our own way. It is a blessing to have wandered onto a meadow where have found love, support, and an amazing amount of generosity. For this I am forever grateful.


A Transformational Shift

Worldwide, people have had to readjust their lives as best they could according the new circumstances in which we now live. My work as a Holistic Health Practitioner was greatly impacted by safeguarding measures put in place. In-person sessions were perceived as a health risk and I therefore had to focus on serving my clients through the vehicle of the internet. My healing services have been available remotely for years but the concept was not something most of my clients understood, and the spiritual healing services were not at the forefront of my offerings as they are now.

Repatriating to Canada has allowed me to more easily shift the focus of my work. Here, I am unknown, I’m starting fresh. Obviously this has it’s pros and cons but the pros far out-weigh the cons simply in terms of the creative potential and the unbiased perception of who I am and what I do.

Explaining the role of a Holistic Health Practitioner in a community that was not familiar with the term was at times challenging for me because I have so many skill sets., and although I do not leave them behind I now bring forward the ones with greater transformational clout and deeper healing potential.

While A-Roaming Bodyworker was an apt name for the work I did over the past 10 years, my personal journey of healing and transformation has intersected serendipitously with the path on which my work has landed, the path of transformative healing.


The Wholeness of Being

As I accompany my clients on their healing journey I provide the opportunity for them to step fully into the WHOLEness of their being. This is done with:

W - Compassionate Witnessing

H - Deep Healing

O - Sovereign Ownership

L - Divine Love

E - Profound Enlightenment


Witnessing, acknowledging, and honouring the uniquely Divine nature of each individual allows for a greater amount of compassion to come through and to be share. In acting as a mirror for my clients I allow them the opportunity to also witness and honour their divinity, their soul essence.

Healing the root cause of our ailments is at the core of my work. When we recognize that our struggles, our issues, are merely symptoms, we are invited to venture beyond the surface to address the cause and as a result make great strides on our healing journey.

Owning our pain, knowing it’s origin and taking steps to heal it is an internal process that cannot be “fixed” from the outside by someone else. This is why life is sometimes described as the hero’s journey, we must be the hero of our own healing needs and seek out the support that will best bring about the transformation we are seeking.

Love is the foundation of creation. The universe was created from and by love. If there is suffering we must find our way back to love, back in alignment with Creation energy. With love and compassion we can more easily come into our wholeness.

Enlightenment happens as a result of all the aforementioned components. Taking ownership of what we’ve witnessed, healing it and loving it allows us to have an epiphany of sorts. We are able to come into the awareness that we are much greater beings than we could have ever imagined, that our origins are Divine, and that in partnership with Creator we are able to achieve our full potential.



Is what I’ve described an easy venture? It certainly is not. Deep healing work is not an endeavour for the faint of heart. It is called the hero’s journey for a reason.  Through our incarnation on this Earth, we as soul-based beings have assumed the responsibility for our healing and we are committed to its achievement. I am here to help you fulfill your commitment.


With love and gratitude,