Deep within you are the answers to your healing needs.

Your deep subconscious mind holds the
key to your healing potential.


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The Root

Go directly to the root cause of your ailment.


The Soul

Receive healing at a soul level.


Move forward

Resolve past trauma and move forward in your life.



What would it mean to you to be able to receive healing at the soul level?

During Deep Subconscious Trauma Resolution, DSC-TR, sessions, we go directly to Creator to address your deep subconscious mind. YOU, your deep conscious tells us the root cause of the issue troubling you.

The work is Divinely protected and informed. There's no speculating or new age spiritual interpretations or practitioner bias. The information and the healing come directly from YOU! A part of you who knows your soul's journey.

This deep inner aspect of yourself, the deep subconscious, seeks to protect you but is unable to communicate with you effectively. It can only use the body as a means to signal its distress.

DSC-TR sessions allow you to bridge the communication gap between you and your deep subconscious in order to bring healing to bear.

Frustrated with recurring patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you?

You thought you had done "the work" for certain issues in your life but old patterns keep resurfacing. It's not your fault. Imprinted patterns exist not only from this lifetime but from prior lifetimes as well. 

The only effective way to heal from any trauma or wounding is to heal the root cause. Deep subconscious channeling for trauma resolution, goes straight to the root cause of issues affecting you in this current life.

The effectiveness of the DSC-TR healing process.

We go directly to Creator in order to address your deep subconscious mind. YOU, your deep conscious tells us the root cause of the issue you're facing in your current life.

A partnership with Creator ensures the work is protected and that the Divine is enlisted to carry out the healing request. There's no speculating or new age spiritual interpretations or practitioner bias.

We, as practitioners direct and hold the intention for healing to take place, your deep subconscious informs the session, and Creator attends to the specific healing requests. It is a process that has transformed the lives of our clients.

The efficiency of the DSC-TR healing process.

Each DSC-TR session provides healing for a significant number of your former selves. Sometimes 60 or more former selves receive healing benefits in one session.

Your deep subconscious has full awareness of all your lifetimes. It knows all the past trauma you've had to endure.

The complex nature of the trauma contributes to limiting beliefs, patterns of negative emotional behaviour, and even chronic physical pain in the current life. The healing your former selves receive benefits you in your current life.

The need and the urgency for DSC-TR healing.

The disquiet, the insecurities, even the physical and mental ailments we all face from time to time in our lives are largely due to past life trauma.

As a result of our numerous incarnations on Earth, most of us have an incredible backlog of healing needs. If these healing needs are not addressed now they will need to be addressed some time down the line.

Getting a start now on the healing will not only help in this lifetime but will make the healing in future incarnations much easier.

Stop and listen to your heart for a moment, the seat of your higher knowing.
If there's any sensation anywhere in your body that is telling you to
pursue this opportunity for healing it is
your innate knowing telling you you are in the right place.

YES! I know I need this level of healing.

You may benefit from "Deep Subconscious Trauma Resolution"
sessions if any of the following describe you:

You contend with chronic pain.

Emotional outbursts override your better judgment.

You struggle with self-doubt and lack of confidence.

Your relationship choices don't seem to be in your best interest.

Unexplained fear and anxiousness prevent you from living life fully.

You're feeling stuck in your life.

Deep subconscious trauma resolution sessions do not replace
medical advice given by a healthcare practitioner.
For any serious health condition, please seek medical attention.
I understand. DSC-TR is what I need.
From Karen:

Deep healing work is what I’ve evolved to practice. I want only what's best and highest for you.


I also want what's highest and best.
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What if?

  • Healing is your birthright?
  • You no longer had to go from one practitioner to the next looking for solutions to your ailments and getting, at best, only temporary relief?
  • You were to uncover what you already know deep within you, that there are deeper reasons for the current life circumstances negatively affecting your ability to have more joy in your life?
  • You were able to positively transform your life or help a loved one transform theirs?
  • You were to begin to live your fullest life and follow your soul's life path?
  • You were able to take that big step in life you've been wanting to take for a very long time?

Deep Subconscious Trauma Resolution sessions help you reclaim your birthright. They go to the root cause of the issues troubling you in your life. The sessions transmute the negative forces holding you back. They help pave the way for you to transform and transcend limiting beliefs, so you may move forward on your life journey with more ease and grace.

More ease and grace, please!

What our clients say:


DSC-TR has been a benefit to me in helping to heal and lessen the severity of many difficult emotional and behaviour patterns I’ve experienced throughout my life. It also gives me a profound gratitude for my present life and how fortunate I am in this life, when listening to the recall, during the sessions, of hardships I’ve experienced in other lives.

-Gifford T.


Thank you once again for this relieving session yesterday. It was really an amazing experience. It really helped me to reconnect and heal an old wound and I feel the relief in my body and emotions.

-Patric S.


I am finding this work very life changing in subtle, but profound ways.

-David T.

Healing is your destiny

If you've read this far down this page there's a part of you that senses the healing potential available here.

This part of you knows it wants freedom from the struggles you're enduring. The status quo isn't an option any more.

I believe you've been guided here by your soul. It's time to clear the obstacles keeping you from your highest potential.

I feel honoured to be of service in this healing work. It is my hope that I have been able to convey the profound impact the Deep Subconscious Trauma Resolution sessions can have in one's life.

If you are ready for a transformational shift in your life I am here to support you on that journey.

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