Private Sessions

Karen provides a menu of holistic services which allow her to facilitate your healing process. Whether it be physical tension or emotional tension, Karen will help to re-establish harmony within a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states.


Empowering her clients is one of Karen’s passions. Drawing on her skills as an educator, Karen provides tools and information that allow her clients to access their body’s own natural healing powers. She regularly presents and holds workshops sharing self-help tools that assist a person maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.


Karen offers movement classes for those wishing to improve their physical fitness. One to one or small group classes are available for Pilates, Qi Gong and Conditioning.


Clients’ individual needs are addressed and programs are tailored to accommodate those needs. With an eye on the larger picture and a holistic approach to wellness, Karen works alongside her clients to help them achieve their goals.



Who Are You?

I recently watched an interview between a human rights activist and a woman speaking on behalf of mothers. The topic discussed was the controversial recommendation by the British Medical Association for doctors to refer to pregnant women not as “expectant mothers” but as “pregnant people.” The decision is an attempt to recognize the rights of […]


Your Relationship IQ

Seeking your soulmate this Valentine’s? The modern definition of soulmate usually infers a romantic relationship. If we expand the definition, however, to include anyone who influences your life one way or another, then potentially everyone in your life is your soul mate. According to this more spiritual application, the people in our lives who interact […]



Cultures around the world have similar customs at the start of the New Year. There is a time of reflecting on the year that has passed and a setting of intentions for the year to come. Many people use the occasion to make resolutions for self-improvement and transformation. As we look beyond our own lives […]

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